Our Caring Staff

There’s a reason the Durango Adult Education Center is known as “a caring learning environment.” It’s because our staff personally invests in the success of every student. Our strong culture of excellence and rich diversity offers our students a sense of belonging. Small learning environments also allow us to adapt our programs to the individual needs of our students, fulfilling accomplishments and creating long-lasting relationships.

Meet Our Dedicated and Caring Staff

Elizabeth Helvey
Executive Director

Cori Andreatta
Operations Manager

Libby Baumchen
Program Director

Mary Mullen
High School Equivalency Lead Teacher

Sally Olsen
High School Equivalency Teacher

Kelly Quach
Human Resources & Marketing Manager

Christine Rasmussen
ESL Teacher

Regina Wells
Childcare Provider

Jill Colburn-Bernard
High School Equivalency Resource Coordinator

Michelle Hall
ESL Teacher

Sierra Jackson
Childcare Provider

Sierra DiMarco
Career Advisor

Jenny Mason
Test Proctor & Copywriter

Chloe Boehlke
Student Services Specialist

Al Huckins
Cortez Site Manager - Cortez

Peggy Tennyson
ESL Teacher - Cortez

Gretchen Cowan
High School Equivalency Teacher - Cortez

Cyd Franken
High School Equivalency Teacher

Sarah Brown
Lead ESL Teacher

Kathleen Hamel
ESL Teacher

Mary Fuller
ESL Teacher - Cortez

JJ Lewis
Career Advisor - Cortez

Deb Pace
High School Equivalency Teacher

Jennifer Zahratka
High School Equivalency Teacher

Stephanie Moran
High School Equivalency Teacher - La Plata County Jail

Michelle Battle
Childcare Provider - Cortez

Brandi Piller
High School Equivalency Teacher - Cortez

Some Facts About Our Staff

Our staff has a strong desire to help students take the next steps in achieving personal success. They give every student individualized attention, adapting to the needs of each learner. They are committed, culturally competent and qualified. They also are service-minded, understanding fully that a better education and increased language skills can enhance a person’s quality of life. If you’re interested in getting to know us before enrolling, please pay us a visit. We’re located in The Commons building next to Albertsons.