School’s out, the sun shines bright, and even though we miss our students, we’re still celebrating 30 amazing years of providing life-changing opportunities to adult learners in and around Durango. In this second installment, you’ll find five more ways to join in the fun and support our organization.
How many will you do?

The Countdown


No. 25 Set the Bar “Hire”

In southwest Colorado, adults with a high school diploma or equivalent earn 21% more than those without. Stronger wage earnings translate into a stronger tax base supporting a thriving community. The DAEC is committed to securing living wage careers and enriching futures for all its students and alums.
Some DAEC graduates immediately pursue college while others fill essential workforce gaps, including business and marketing, human resources, customer service, and journalism to name only a few sectors. Whether they seek higher or “hire” education, DAEC students can utilize the Center’s BOOST program to receive advising, financial assistance, housing, career exploration, job shadowing, interview prep, résumé writing, and training and certifications needed for career advancement. BOOST helps on both small and large scales, translating foreign degree transcripts to English or helping students change their address from curbsided to rooftopped. Building Opportunities and Occupations for Self-Sustaining Transitions supports adult learners with their first steps and biggest strides toward the future.
Best of all, businesses in and around Durango who hire a DAEC alum know they add a valuable professional to the team. Contact us via email with any job openings you have for our students or graduates!

No. 24 Why Snow Down When You Can Snowden?

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t leak classified government records (unless it is to expose a secret global surveillance scandal), but you totally should leak a good laptop to the DAEC!
The DAEC spends upwards of $5,000 annually on technology-related expenses. Donated laptops go a long way as learning tools for students who may have zero access to gadgets at home. Additionally, teachers make great use of laptops as they shuttle lessons between satellite sites.

Operations Manager Cori Andreatta recently shared the following safety and security tips for anyone with a donor-worthy machine:

  • Ensure the device has a fully functioning hard drive and motherboard. Donating a glitch-witch can straddle the Center with hours of diagnosis time plus costly repairs.
  • Remove all personal files and reset or clear personal passwords.
  • Wipe the hard drive and load the most current operating system.

By following these tips, the Center receives a functional device that is squeaky clean and up-to-date on software. Aaand, no one but you has a copy of those sunburns-on-embarrassing-body-parts pictures from that unfortunate beach vacation…

No. 23 Go Shopping

Life is demanding when you must shuttle the kids to school and sports, fix the car, work the job, pay the bills, romance the spouse, attend to the parents, volunteer with your preferred group, work the other job, oh and don’t forget to pick up groceries on the way home while walking the dog or cuddling the cat, both of which have been trained to balance on the mountain bike and kayak!
With all that going on, who has extra time or cash to donate?
Luckily, you can simplify your life and give to the DAEC every time you shop at City Market or on Amazon Smile. Simply designate our Center as your charitable recipient. You won’t be asked to tack on a dollar or round up your balance. Instead, a portion of your shopping proceeds will be digitally diverted to us.
According to its website, City Market shoppers in 2014 generated $400,000 in these diverted donations for local schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations.
Not sure how to pick us? Give us a call, or visit City Market and Amazon Smile.

No. 22 Put on Your Toga! Toga! Togaaaahhhh!

According to a New York Times article, Americans party less than they used to. Experts blame screen-addicted millennials, the rise of binging on Netflix, and the ease of flaking on an RSVP over text. But throwing a good party is practically encoded in our American DNA—who doesn’t recall that epic tea party in Boston all those centuries ago?!
We suggest going Wonder Woman (or Superman) on this issue. Although you may not believe it, you CAN rescue the millennials, defeat the evil Count Bingeula, unravel the suffocating cellular web, and ensure adult education for future generations in one fell swoop!
Host a DAEC-themed summer party where your friends and neighbors find out why you support adult education and the many services and benefits the Center offers the community. Guests will be too intrigued by your drinks-that-make-you-smarter menu to bother with Netflix, let alone send a “sorry. can’t come =(” text.  And as dedicated volunteers and activists, millennials are sure to attend.

No. 21 Get Footloose

Because the DAEC believes learning is a lifelong endeavor, we think it’s important you know that music makes your brain more powerful and receptive to new information. A slew of major studies [1] [2] [3]and bestselling books [4] [5] in recent years found music’s almost magical abilities to help a brain learn languages or heal damage from injury or neurodegenerative disorders.
Keep your brain fit as a fiddle all summer and support the DAEC by attending the Secret Garden Concert Series kicking off June 28th! Organized by the Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado, the Wednesday evening concerts benefit Durango’s nonprofits (including the DAEC) while showcasing the talented and diverse music scene. Guests are guaranteed a swingin’ good time on the Rochester’s lush garden patio.
Get the full details here: Secret Garden 2017 Flyer

Stay tuned for more creative and fun ways you can support our caring learning community as it fills educational gaps with post-secondary education, the skills and knowledge needed for livable wage careers, and social and economic mobility.