Why Study With the DAEC

Our caring learning environment is a place that moves people forward, instilling hope and possibility. We understand there are challenges associated with trying to gain a better education. That’s why we provide the following:

Our Learning Center

Our small learning environments allow us to adapt our programs to the individual needs of our students. We also have a strong culture of excellence that offers students a sense of belonging, free of judgment. Join our family today by contacting us for more details about our educational programs.

How We Overcome Obstacles to Learning

We understand there are challenges associated with trying to gain a better education. That’s why we provide the following:

  • Evening childcare on the premises while parents are attending class
  • The ability to adapt to the needs of our individual learners
  • An easy location with transportation access
  • Post-secondary scholarships
  • Snacks to our enrolled students
  • Registration and testing
  • Scholarships for enrolled students who meet certain criteria
  • Career advising through the BOOST program

We are a values-driven organization. At the DAEC we believe that:

  • All people have inherent worth
  • A sense of belonging is a building block for a stronger community
  • All people have the potential to create positive change
  • Education empowers the individual to achieve positive character attributes, social and economic mobility and self-sufficiency
  • Literacy and cultural competency are essential to thrive in this interconnected world
  • Family and culture impact the development of each individual
  • Having and making choices is basic to freedom and is the right of every person
  • Each individual has unique learning capabilities
  • The entire community benefits from an educated populace
  • A top priority of humanity is to create a better, more compassionate world


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The Benefits of Getting an Education

Adults with a diploma and secondary education make more money than those without. And, we recognize that contributing to your family and your community provides you with a sense of purpose and accomplishment – it’s that way for all of us. At the DAEC, we care about your next steps in life and offer resources to help you get there. Call us today for more information on how we can help you achieve your educational goals.

Some Facts About Our Team

Our team at the DAEC understands that education can transform a person’s life, which is why together we are committed to our students’ success. We set the bar high for ourselves and take pride in our work. We also like to have fun. This translates to positive experiences and a supportive environment for staff and students alike. Additionally, our twice-yearly staff retreats help us improve how we do things and bond us in our common goal of making education a priority in our community.