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Enroll in Our High School Equivalency Program

High School Equivalency (GED) Program Overview

We have a comprehensive program to earn your high school equivalency diploma. Two exam options are available at our center: GED and HiSET. Our program is designed for success. At the DAEC, students master one or two subjects at a time before moving on to others. This focused learning yields higher test scores and quicker completion.

The GED is a nationally recognized high school equivalency diploma. You must pass the following four subject computer-based tests in order to obtain your Colorado High School Equivalency Diploma: mathematical reasoning, reasoning through language arts, science and social studies. We care about your next steps in life and our GED classes will help you get there.

The paper-based HiSET from Educational Testing Services (ETS) is available in certain circumstances.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of each individual student, so call us now and let’s get you enrolled.

Special Note on GED Exams

Students who previously tested between 145 and 150 with a non-pass on a GED exam are now officially considered passers in that subject! GED Testing Service lowered the passing score from 150 to 145 in all 4 subjects, and these new lower pass scores are retroactive, starting January 1, 2014.

Please call us at 970.385.4354 ext 16 for more information!

Students who don’t have a high school diploma can begin studying for the GED or HiSET test. Students must be at least 17 years or older to enroll in the HSE program. If you are under 17, you will not be admitted into the program without completing an age waiver form process.

New students will need to register for the HSE program in person and attend one orientation session. Contact us either by calling or stopping by our physical location to make an appointment for the orientation.

Durango Location
Office hours: Monday – Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Phone: 970-385-4354
Address: 701 Camino del Rio suite #301, Durango, CO 81301

Cortez Location
Office hours: Monday – Thursday by appointment only
Phone: 970-564-7004
Address: 10 West Main Street, Suite 110, Cortez, Colorado 81321

Classes are free and include all the instruction and materials necessary to complete the GED tests. Official practice tests are $6.00 each and GED exams are $37.50 each. Testing fee scholarships are available for currently enrolled students.

Yes! More than ninety-five percent of colleges accept a High School Equivalency. All High School Equivalencies are eligible for financial aid.

Each of the four GED subtests cost $37.50 for a total of $150.00; GED subtests can be taken one at a time or in various combinations. Official GED practice tests are $6 each.

Scholarships are available for enrolled students, so don’t let cost be a barrier.

The GED exams are computer-based. The HiSET exams are “paper and pencil”, not computer-based.

CLASS TIMES – High School Equivalency (GED)

Registering at least one week in advance is recommended. Before starting, all new High School Equivalency (or GED) students are assessed for class placement.

Session 3:
January 11, 2021 – March 5, 2021
  • Monday – Thursday
    Morning – Reading & Science
    Afternoon – Language Arts & Math Skills
    Evening – Social Studies
Session 4:
March 22, 2021 – June 2, 2021
  • Monday – Thursday
    Morning – Reading & Math
    Afternoon – Social Studies & Math Skills
    Evening – Language Arts

Winter Closures


Please note that the Durango campus closes during winter weather when the Durango School District  closes. Check ahead of time to make sure we are open in severe winter weather.


Please note that the Cortez campus closes during winter weather when the Montezuma-Cortez School District  closes. Check ahead of time to make sure we are open in severe winter weather.

Meet a High School Equivalency Lead Teacher

Mary Mullen has been a Math and Science High School Equivalency Teacher at the Durango Adult Education Center for 6 years. With her passion for teaching, she has helped countless students overcome their fear and apprehension of math to successfully pass the GED test. Her calm demeanor and dry sense of humor work well to help our students persist through challenging lessons to reach mastery of math content. Prior to joining the Center, Mary’s many careers have helped her become an effective instructor to her adult students. She was a computer programmer (6 years), biostatistician (10 years), medical assistant and dialysis technician (3 years), math/science teacher and tutor in two states (8 years), and college student (13 years, and one more year since working here!).

Mary enthusiastically shares, “This job gives me purpose because all my students are worthy human beings who succeed by working hard when they get the help they need.” Her most favorite thing about teaching at DAEC is, “GRADUATION CEREMONIES TWICE PER YEAR! Everyone celebrates the achievements of our amazing students!”